“Kat Fight” by Dina Silver

This book is fun to read. “Kat Fight” is a light, cute love story written with a healthy dose of humor. The city of Chicago is the backdrop for what would make a predictable movie plot but works as a witty page-turner.

Kat, the main character, is an executive assistant at the advertising office of Lambert & Miller. Kat is the child of divorce and that, she says, makes her quite nervous about relationships and quite unsure of herself at work. During her parents’ divorce, and in the years following, she often felt stuck between two arguing parents, totally detached from her father and alone in the world. She is desperately in love with her boyfriend, Marc, and assumes they will get married some day. But she is often disappointed when he doesn’t make her a priority. Kat is always worried, also, that her unpredictable boss, Brooke, in a shaky marriage herself, will fire her at any moment.

Kat does an entertaining job of balancing her relationships and career. She wants to tell her best friend Julie about dating Ryan; she wants to tell Ryan about her complicated relationship with Marc; she wants to tell Marc about dating Ryan. She also wants help Brooke get over her philandering and condescending husband, Drew. Through all this drama, Kat gets constant support and help—mostly with funny, poignant texts—from her confidant, co-worker, and lover of all things drama, Adam.

An example of enjoyable Kat humor: When Ryan randomly shows up at a bar where Kit and friends are watching a Red Sox game, Kat says, “Everything is happening so fast I can hardly keep up with which sweat glands needs to be wiped….Adam wafts me with the drink menu.”

As an interesting epilogue, author Silver gives a “Ten Fun Facts about ‘Kat Fight’” that verify some of the stories in the book. “Kat Fight” follows Kat through romantic and friendship foibles to her taking ultimate control of her life. In a moment of clarity on the way to the airport, determined to win back Ryan, Kat states, “I’m done letting everyone else take control. It’s my turn to take a stand for what I want.” These are just a few examples of how Silver makes “Kat Fight” such an enjoyable read.



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