“Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend in 6 Simple Steps” by Michael Fiore

“Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend in 6 Simple Steps” by Michael Fiore is a Self Help dating book for women. (Actually, the cover says, “A Special Report.”) This book gives specific instructions on how to hook a guy and make him a boyfriend.

A lot has been written in the past about how to hook a man, how to flirt with a man, how to marry, and how a woman can use the male courtship process to her advantage. Most of the these types of Self Help books were written by women for women; “The Rules” was probably the best selling of all. “Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend” is one of the few that has been written by a man; yet it actually follows some of the same logic as “The Rules.” This is particularly interesting, because Fiore makes it clear that his girlfriend, who he’s totally head-over-heels in love with, followed these steps to get him and he appreciates all of it.

First, Fiore explains the six reasons why the man is not your boyfriend yet: He wants variety; he doesn’t see you as a girlfriend; he believes you want to be casual; he’s been burned before; he’s a player; he’s already in a commitment.

Then Fiore leaps into the four basic steps behind making that man your boyfriend:

1) “Shoot down” his unconscious objections
2) Make him chase and earn you
3) Make him feel like he’s going to lose you if he doesn’t take action
4) Make him feel like it’s his idea for entering into a relationship

Fiore gives warnings in the introduction about how straight he’s actually going to be: “Warning #1: Read the whole damn report” and “Warning #2: I don’t pull punches.” He also fully admits these are games, and that some of them are a little cruel. And he assures that all of them work.

The material for this book was originally Fiore’s blog, and it’s still active at http://michaelfiore.org/. That’s probably why the tone is simple and no-nonsense. A straightforward explanation and instruction manual, “Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend” gives women the tools to successfully find a boyfriend.



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