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The Parent Pact (Book Three) by Laurie Kellogg

The Parent Pact (Book Three) is a love story about an unlikely pair of people who must overcome their differences to make a relationship work. 33 year-old Tyler Fitzpatrick is a successful businessman who rose from poverty and suffered through a difficult married life that left him a widower and a single father. Annie Barnes, ten years younger, is a struggling single mom who dropped out of high school and lost both parents when she was young. When Tyler and Annie see each other for the first time at their kids’ school, despite the difference in their ages and lifestyles, sparks fly.

After they become better acquainted, Tyler proposes a Parent Pact. They each notice that their child likes the other parent, so they agree to become role models to each other’s child and to fill one another’s needs as single parents. Tyler offers Annie a job as his housekeeper, caring for his daughter and home in Redemption, PA. This includes a new car with prepaid gas credit card, money for food and clothes shopping. Tyler is immediately interested in Annie, but she has been hurt badly in the past and is therefore a bit more trepidacious about getting involved with him. But they enjoy each other’s company and their bond grows: Tyler slowly learns that he shouldn’t ignore his difficult past and there’s more to life than money and social status. Annie starts to read Aesop fables, applies to college, and learns about etiquette.

Author Laurie Kellogg tells this love story with ease while recognizing the real life glitches that come with a unique couple in love. Tyler and Annie prove that love can work regardless of age, background and life’s complications. To paraphrase Tyler’s sister in the book: “It’s better to enjoy the cake today while it’s here…than when it’s gone and you have none at all.”

Kellogg is a two-time winner and seven-time nominee for the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® award, the winner of Pacific Northwest Writers Association® Zola award, and a Romantic Times® American Title I finalist. The Parent Pact series further proves she is a forerunner of Romance Novels.


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