“Kat Fight” by Dina Silver

This book is fun to read. “Kat Fight” is a light, cute love story written with a healthy dose of humor. The city of Chicago is the backdrop for what would make a predictable movie plot but works as a witty page-turner.

Kat, the main character, is an executive assistant at the advertising office of Lambert & Miller. Kat is the child of divorce and that, she says, makes her quite nervous about relationships and quite unsure of herself at work. During her parents’ divorce, and in the years following, she often felt stuck between two arguing parents, totally detached from her father and alone in the world. She is desperately in love with her boyfriend, Marc, and assumes they will get married some day. But she is often disappointed when he doesn’t make her a priority. Kat is always worried, also, that her unpredictable boss, Brooke, in a shaky marriage herself, will fire her at any moment.

Kat does an entertaining job of balancing her relationships and career. She wants to tell her best friend Julie about dating Ryan; she wants to tell Ryan about her complicated relationship with Marc; she wants to tell Marc about dating Ryan. She also wants help Brooke get over her philandering and condescending husband, Drew. Through all this drama, Kat gets constant support and help—mostly with funny, poignant texts—from her confidant, co-worker, and lover of all things drama, Adam.

An example of enjoyable Kat humor: When Ryan randomly shows up at a bar where Kit and friends are watching a Red Sox game, Kat says, “Everything is happening so fast I can hardly keep up with which sweat glands needs to be wiped….Adam wafts me with the drink menu.”

As an interesting epilogue, author Silver gives a “Ten Fun Facts about ‘Kat Fight’” that verify some of the stories in the book. “Kat Fight” follows Kat through romantic and friendship foibles to her taking ultimate control of her life. In a moment of clarity on the way to the airport, determined to win back Ryan, Kat states, “I’m done letting everyone else take control. It’s my turn to take a stand for what I want.” These are just a few examples of how Silver makes “Kat Fight” such an enjoyable read.



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“Spinning” by Michael Baron

“Spinning” by Michael Baron is a love story, albeit not a traditional one. The main character, Dylan Hunter, falls in love with two women: his best friend and a 3-year old girl who changes his life.

D-Man, as Dylan is affectionately known by his friends, admits he was looking to “my job, my dates, to colored martinis, to all kinds of things” to figure out who he was and what he was supposed to do. He is a high-powered PR executive who thoroughly enjoys his bachelorhood. One day, out of the blue, an old fling, Diane, and her 3-year old daughter, Spring, show up at his doorstep in the middle of the night. After Diane is in a sudden and tragic accident, Spring is left without parents or a family and Dylan knows he is her only hope of survival, stability and love.

This love story is about a man who is unexpectedly touched by his connection to 3-year-old Spring and the new perspective she brings to his life. His relationship to Billie, his best friend and confidant, also a former fling, develops into love.

“Spinning” is how Dylan describes the multiple situations and relationships that he balances; it refers to the circus act with plates spinning on thin poles. The analogy is used twice during the story when something bad happens: “Somewhere a plate fell to the floor.”

Author Michael Baron tells this unique story with a straightforward tone, enjoyable wit and humor. The conversations and scenarios are realistic and believable. Baron successfully tells an interesting story based on a man’s emotional shifts through life challenges.




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“Hired by the Cowboy” by Donna Alward

“Hired by the Cowboy” is a Harlequin Romance novel by bestselling author Donna Alward.

The main characters meet by accident—literally. When Alexis Grayson wakes from fainting in the street in the middle of town, Connor Madsen is there to help her. Connor has a rugged, sturdy body and gorgeous black hair and Alex, as she calls herself, is taken with the cowboy immediately. Alex is pregnant and alone, and Connor is immediately taken with her beauty, her inner strength and her determination to survive and make a life for her and her unborn child. When Connor proposes a deal—he needs a temporary wife; she needs somewhere to live until the baby’s born—Alex takes him up on his crazy proposition that they get married.

When these two strangers start to have feelings for each other, it turns their worlds upside down. Alex’s last boyfriend, Ryan, broke her heart and she’s sworn that her heart won’t go there again. But she feels Connor’s determination to take care of her. Both Alex and Connor lost their loved ones unexpectedly and are afraid to lose another.

The author craftily takes us through the emotional roller coaster that can come with falling in love. She tells the story from both characters’ point of view so the reader sees exactly what is going through the characters’ minds as they figure out their feelings. Each has feelings that grow every day and yet each is scared to share those feelings for fear of rejection.

Donna Alward tells this delightful love story with a straightforward tone, enjoyable wit, and a dash of humor. “Hired by the Cowboy” will be enjoyed by love story readers of any age.


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